AMannette merrild

“265” is a series of portraits of naked women taken from pornographic magazines, and transformed by means of appropriation art. Merrild intervenes in the pornographic representation of the women as objects, and offer us a new bright and deep personal vision of them. Although she kept the original DIN A4 and DIN A3 magazine formats for her art pieces, Merrild has enlarged a first selection of 34 works to large format canvases.

In her project “265” Merrild does not only decode the pornographic aesthetics and representation of women, she also blurs the distinction between pleasure and fear, between desire and disgust. Distinctions which are often thought of as borders between a healthy and a depraved sexuality, or one might say distinctions between healthy and depraved identities. The initial pornographic representation is lost for the audience, and replaced by Merrild’s simulacrum of women portraits of almost heroic or religious stature.